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Some Questions and Answers

01. Why pay for professionals not a cheap 'plan-drawer' or technician?

• Our fees relate directly to the work required to deliver your project.

• By reducing the scope of Services we provide to you, we would be able to reduce our charges to you - but this would simultaneously increase the financial risk to you.

• You'll save on overall costs by getting the right designs done right.

[Before submitting a planning application]

[Before going to tender]

[Before appointing a contractor]

[Before starting construction]

[Before changing things during the build]

[Before the contractor can't build something as they've insufficient information]

[Before the contractor can't build something that's not designed or detailed correctly]

[Before the contractor says they've only priced for 'x' as 'y' wasn't specified at tender]

Getting things right - from the outset - will save you more than the cost of professional fees.

02. Will you price-match with the 'plan-drawer' or technician we found?

• No. See 01 above.

• We're trained design professionals and won't damage our business financially.

• We won't compromise the high standards we provide our clients by cutting costs.

• Standards of design and detailing provided by others at a price much below ITHA will not be close to the levels maintained by ITHA.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys!

03a. Can designs be granted approval, tendered, and built in 6 months?


03b. What about a year?

More likely - depending on how much work is involved.

03c. OK, can you be more specific please?

Click to find out more about our process.

04. There's more work in it for you later on, will you do this bit for free?


05. Can I only pay if you get me planning permission for what I want?


06. Will you work on a 'shared risk' basis?



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